Transmission Repairs in Melbourne

Have you been ignoring the check engine light for a long time? Or is it the buzzing sounds from the hood you are not paying attention to? Overheating, slipping of the gears, rough shift, burning smell and leaking fluid are some of the common signs of transmission trouble. BMW cars’ “lifetime fluid” is not for a lifetime as you think. The oil that gets contaminated over time will lose its viscosity and chemical properties leading to transmission failure.

If the transmission started to fail, it will affect the performance and mileage of your vehicle. This is why BM Central recommends getting your transmission fluid and system inspected by trained professionals. Bring your car to the expert mechanics at BM Central, the moment you start noticing any anomalous symptoms.

BMW transmission is an intricate mechanical art which means only a skilled and experienced technician can diagnose and fix the faults. Automatic gearbox defects will fall heavy on the wallet, if not fixed at the earliest.

Our team of dedicated and expert mechanics armed with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technologies leave no stones unturned in extending the life of your BMW pride. We care about your luxurious asset as much as you do. Give us a call or stop by to give your wheels the attention they deserve.

Call BM Central today on 03 9388 1234 for the most qualified BMW mechanics Melbourne wide. We specialise in all things BMW, and we are proud of what he have to offer our clients.

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